When in doubt, I always return to my core values. In everything I do.

Connection and Community

Support. Dependability. Collaboration. Encouragement. Acknowledgement. Resources. Assistance. Inclusion.

Authenticity and Transparency

Trust. Loyalty. Sincerity. Communication. Honesty. Consistency. Boldness. Bravery. Legitimacy. Accountability.

Change and Impact

Understanding. Empathy. Empowerment. Respect. Evolution. Growth. Enlightenment. Learning. Diversity. Accessibility. Appreciation. Leadership.

Freedom and Flexibility

Independence. Autonomy. Opportunity. Ability. Creativity. Ideation. Ownership. Execution. Experimenting. Justice. Versatility.


Organizational Development

An organization doesn't exist without its people. My Organizational Development philosophies are focused on humanistic and holistic values and objectives. As a contributor, I work as a change agent. Your people are your TRIBE.

Career Empowerment

Work with, not for. If more individuals knew the truth about the way that companies hire, they would be better prepared to avoid a lot of stress and wasted time during their career search. I work to empower people to have complete control in their career and work lives.


Everything connects. Bringing people together creates opportunities and opens doors to new ways of thinking. Communities really can change the world.


Willingness and ability to listen. True listening, open listening, helps to create an empathy for others. Empathy helps to create understanding. Understanding helps to solve problems.

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